Thursday, July 28, 2016

VMworld 2016: The End of an Era

I sadly report that I will not be attending VMworld 2016 this year.  This will be the first conference I've missed - "13" really is an unlucky number!  I was not selected per the criteria my organization used to determine who goes and who stays.  I respect their decision, but that doesn't change the fact that I will be watching the general sessions remotely on a computer screen.  Yeah, that won't quite be the same - no assisting customers, meeting friends, attending sessions or keeping up with what's going on with partners in the Solutions Exchange this year for me.

My passion for the conference won't change - I still believe it to be the best IT conference and highly recommend attending.

So the VMworld Alumni Elite group will be at least one less this year.  What a prestigious group!   I know from meeting with these guys year after year that they have a real passion for VMworld, VMware and its products.  Guys - I'll catch up with you next time!

Its ironic - during my interview I was told that the surest way to not attend VMworld was to become a VMware employee.  My first year VMware decided to send my entire organization!  My second year they decided to send most of the organization, yours truly included.  This is my third year and it appears as though my luck has run out.

I did try multiple alternative options but none of those panned-out.  So all good things must come to an end?  C'est la vie - its the end of an era... and the start of a new era - carpe diem!

For those that are going - have a great conference!  For the reset of us, make sure to tune in to the general sessions which will be live-streamed again this year.  And don't forget about the breakout sessions that will be made available shortly after the conference.