Saturday, June 23, 2012

Butterfly Takes Flight

Aunt Eileen gave the kids one Black Swallowtail cocoon each last fall.  This is the story of one of those cocoons...
A butterfly emerges from its Chrysalis shell!

 April showers bring May flowers... and butterflies.  Hey, let me out!

Max contemplates... how did he do that?

Based on the markings, we can determine its a male.  Now fly away little butterfly...

No, really, fly away!

Well, he finally did.  And let me tell you the thing took off like a bird - very fast by butterfly standards.  Then about twenty feet up, it almost got eaten by a bird!  It was a cool thing to see it dodge the bird mid-flight then disappear into the distance.

Where did he go?  Why did he go there? How did he know to go wherever it was that he was going? Too bad we'll probably never know. But we all got to see metamorphosis in action which was really what is was all about.

Fly on little butterfly, fly on.

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