Monday, June 25, 2012

ERROR: VMware ESXi with 3PAR SAN and Dead LUN 254


Last week I discovered  a couple of error messages in the vmkernel.log file that caused me some concern:

2012-06-22T18:18:45.806Z cpu17:939673)WARNING: vmw_psp_rr: psp_rrSelectPathToActivate:972:Could not select path for device "Unregistered Device".
2012-06-22T18:18:45.806Z cpu17:939673)WARNING: NMP: nmpPathClaimEnd:1195:Device, seen through path vmhba2:C0:T2:L254 is not registered (no active paths)

I did a "esxcfg-mpath -l" and found 4 dead paths - 2 to each fibre HBA.  I never provisioned a LUN with an ID of 254.  Maybe this was a "special use" LUN?  I doubted it because my HP EVA has one of these and the device is listed in vCenter.  However, there were no devices with LUN ID of 254 listed anywhere in vCenter, only 4 dead paths.


After a focused Google search, I found the answer.  The HP 3PAR guy that came out and did the installation had us use a host persona of "1 - Generic" when we should have used "6 - Generic-legacy".  Luckily these can be changed on the fly via the InForm Management Console.

After making the change in the IMC, I rescaned each of the hosts and the messages stop appearing in the vmkernel.log and the dead paths were no longer listed in the vSphere Client.

Here are the relevant sites I found per the Google search:

And, of course, I always recommend following the manufacturer's best practices:

Looks like the guide was recently updated and it does recommend using the persona of "6 - Generic legacy".

Another mystery solved.

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